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If this is the first time that you are considering getting a gay massage, we understand that the experience can be intimidating, perhaps even a little scary. Well, you are among friends here and very well-informed friends at that. Leave your fears behind and come and discover what a gay erotic massage is.

What is a sensual massage for gay men?

Gay Massage -

If you are preparing to get a gay sensual massage, the first thing to remember is not to come with a fixed idea of what to expect. The more open your mind is to new expectations instead of what you might have seen in a film, the better your m4m massages, will go.

There is no exact formula for how an erotic massage for men by men should go. Your gay massage experience depends on the chemistry between you and the masseuse, your personal response to the erotic touch of another man and the way in which any two individuals perceive each other.

Another factor that has an impact on b2b massage gay men give each other is vocalisation. That refers to the sounds, voluntary and involuntary, that you make when being touched in a sensuous way.

Being yourself in a gay straight massage

The best advice for any new experience of discovery is to embrace yourself and not try to conform to any set image or perception. The experience does not have to necessarily include or exclude anything, just anything and everything that you want.

Some men opt for just a cuddle, especially when it is their first or even their first few times. Be yourself and abandon all notions of ‘performance anxiety’ – you are not on a stage performing but in a safe space that welcomes one and all.

Write your own adventure

A gay male massage experience depends almost entirely on who you are as a person. If you have a reserved personality, the odds are that it will show in your gay massage experience. Of course, the person giving the massage has no expectations from you – he has seen every type of personality and does not judge. This means that you chart the course of the massage as well as the speed at which things proceed.

If you feel trapped by the sexual expectations that others place on you, this is where you can shed the skin that you wear for the world outside. Free yourself from that trap and be your real self.

A journey of self-discovery

The flow of a sensual massage for a man is like the ocean currents – there is an ebb and flow that seems to have a mind of its own. There is no set path but whatever you feel most comfortable with as you and your masseur interact and discover a shared balance of giving and receiving.

A lot of this has to do with the rise and fall of your excitement and the progress towards orgasm. A skilled massager knows how to take you to the brink even with non-direct stimulation of your erogenous zones. In this way, a man to man nude massage is the ideal way to discover the limits of sensations that your body feels and make you a better lover.

A massage gays will love

What makes the perfect gay massage? Well, that depends on both the masseur and the recipient. However, there are some basics about how to give a gay massage that always contribute to a positive experience.

The Environment

The serenity of your surroundings have a great impact on your state of being. A massage may be given in a whole lot of places but each one must be calm, warm and inviting for the best results. Soft lighting, gentle music and scented candles can be part of the charm of a nice massage room.

The Interaction

The ‘Wham, bam, thank you, sir!’ approach does not work if you are looking for a sensual massage whose effects stay with you. General pleasant banter, an open attitude and posture, and a positive attitude go a long way in transforming two individuals who interact for a little while to two people who have an enjoyable, satisfying time together.

The Preparation

It is important to be physically clean before a massage. Sweat, dirt and grime that builds up during a normal day forms a layer on the flesh and blocks the pores. This prevents the massage oils and pressure from the masseur from having its optimum effect on you. Have a warm shower immediately before a massage for the best results every time.

The Massage

Massage for gays -

Almost every male to male naturist massage begins with a gentle rub down where the masseur uses long, sweeping strokes to improve the surface circulation of the skin. This warms the skin and readies it to best perceive the sensations to come. After this, a light oil is applied. This oil may be scented and/or infused with herbs and essences for their relaxing effects.

Because a gay massage m2m is almost inherently erotic for the rubbing of bare flesh on bare flesh, you will almost always experience arousal and erections. However, the massage male m4m is not meant to be overtly sexual but a tool for you to discover your own sexuality through massage.

You may be tempted to respond to the touch of the masseur with sexual touches of your own. Remember, just as it is with any situation, always ask for consent before doing so. This ensures that there are no misunderstandings and wrong perceptions. Matters such as this can be discussed in The Interaction stage referred to above.

The afterglow

After the massage is over, pause for a moment to absorb and retain the positive vibes that infuse the room from your experience. Have a shower to get cleaned up and feel the blissful aura of love and oneness around you.

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