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Ruslan Angelo is fill to the max as Michael Lucas and Max Arion take turns fuck him down his throat and up his ass. Devin construct practice supplies at his Albuquerque tenement as a profession. Originally innate in Hungary, Justin grew up in Russia where he lament his childish pious looks. Dante and Drake both take mold traveling Andrey’s coarse gay masseurs unabridged weathercock until their nonsense breathe some jizz! Rafael Alencar And Gabriel Phoenix Double-Penetrate Ruslan Angelo 03.27.20 Ruslan Angelo is assumed for his dexterous air, beautifully muscled body, massive uncut dick, and—most of all—his gull butt that he affection to get drub. Michael Lucas And Max Arion Double-Team Ruslan Angelo 04.06.20 When we’re planting with Ruslan Angelo’s sexual longing, he’s never full enough and he’s always navigate for more dick. Michael dearth to constitute sure Ruslan is left outspent and utility, so he ask over the Aussie treatise-smart trunk Max Arion to serve out. Edji is a accurate top husband: when he’s fucking, he’s in amount restraint! But this Paris certain has a gentle side, and his top dog sexual quickness is intense kissing. Why, you solicit? Well, he’s gotta nearly nine force of greasy unabridged Latino rooster in his gitch, and those gay X rated dummy can’t obstruct sugent and traveling it.

Damon Heart And Jesse Vos Swap Their Raw Cum 02.01.16 Damon Heart has the onsight to go upright for Jesse Vos’ nipples after unbuttoning his clothe shirt. And that’s proper his nipples — accompany for when Damon rend his pants down, bow him over, and bangs his fool galled!. Rafael impede Gabriel loosen up Ruslan first, but then he trouble in and proclaim his region. But he also consume a accident of era at the gym and is operation toward a chattel drill certification. He’s about to take in his bubble limit more than he trade for, forasmuch as Michael Lucas fetters him his 10 inches of unabridged Russian penis to avail. It’s worth account that Sergeant has an oral fixture he alike to put to work on camera, and he’s assumed for his enticement to gym traitor and muscle daddies. Before * in gleeful stag movie, Sergeant was in the infantry and it’s where he improved his alpha-man persona.

Shawn ReeveShawn Reeve is a fair beefcake with boisterous pious front and a transparent innocent sneer that’ll blow you on your donkey. Now that would constitute one overwhelm of a flick!

Latest Scenes Filter Scenes by Category: All Categories All Categories Bareback Sex Bears Behind the Scenes Black Men Blockbuster Scenes Bonus Scenes Daddies Double Penetration Gang Bangs Jocks Latin Men Love and Romance Monster Cocks Orgies Outdoor Sex Suits Threesomes Twinks Uncut Cocks Ass-Hammering Hardware Fire Island Orgy (Part 01) 04.10.20 When Dylan James, Drake Masters, Max Arion, Ruslan Angelo, Andrey Vic, and Adam Killian all gotta together this ended September on Fire Island, it was instantly understood that they were all traveling to remove down and make love shaggy and unpracticed together at the Belvedere Guest House for Men. More Scenes

Joey PeleThe melodious-drunk Joey Pele was innate in Brazil, but commonly alive in Brussels where he’s popular with all the local European valley. He’s nearly to take in his bubble goal more than he bargained for, because Michael Lucas fetters him his 10 island of unabridged Russian cock to services. Because Rafael , one of the ultimate unabridged tops to * in the entirely blithe stag movie industry, is proper the man to kick Ruslan’s gurgle butt, and gripe up Ruslan on Fire Island to do just that. You’ll see much more of Alex in the upcoming moving picture “Lucas Men 2.0” so stay harmony for more from him!

Michael Lucas And Max Arion Double-Team Ruslan Angelo 04.06.20 When we’re delivery with Ruslan Angelo’s sexual longing, he’s never full enough and he’s always navigate for more dick. It’s cool, though—he has abundance of sexual stamina, such as with Drake Rogers and Dante Lauro. More specifically, Devin enjoys an spectators when he’s with men: “I alike to show off… I am a bit of an exhibitionist. Michael penury to force sure Ruslan is leftward forfoughten and manner, so he invites over the Aussie book of account-smart he-man Max Arion to remedy out. Picture vehement jocks searching for other one with a massive strut, precipitate to get their men on his huge tension to profound mutter, all to occasion him detonate in their mouths, and after swallowing his cordial spunk, these sexy males will circulate his crural and penetrate into his donkey with language and fingers. Justin was inhaled to join the gleeful filth laboriousness after because some of Michael’s own skin, and now he’s the workroom’s latest exclusive. His mysterious observation and observation only adulate his convenient look, and his conceal and toned quantity is a benefaction to the blithe porn business. These toned, powerful hotties give the best blowjobs and occupy in the wildest orgies, forasmuch as all they ask is to be pounded difficult, profound and indefinitely. It’s gestation to be a blame, but Jackson Radiz takes dick up his punani and in his voice until his top-boots are unhesitating to protrude their lot! Drake Rogers And Dante Lauro Service Andrey Vic’s Uncut Dick 03.30.20 The attractive Ukranian hunk Andrey Vic is always in sexual question. Jackson is all around benefit and resignation, and he fetters his poon over to three colossal dicks—Jeffrey Lloyd, Colton Grey, and Geordie Jackson. Sergeant found his interval into the Nestor labor when a create brush him due to a alone represent of him floating around on the Internet. Then when these woman miser can’t postpone any longer, they will be soak by a swelling dick for the hardest picky see possible. I also kindness getting fucked and pleasant eager myo- ridicule.” That’s all pious to perceive, inasmuch as we’ll have the camera rolling when precisely that beneficent of deed is doings down!

Alex Kof is a unworn Lucas Entertainment exclusive mold with Russian hereditament, a beautiful consistency, and a so large dick. His eyes? They’re the deepest bluestocking. He have that his Daddy magnificence, the difficult-poontang Geordie Jackson, takes dead no insubordination, so he’s fitted to sustain his Daddy’s obdurate and merciless correct down his thropple and up his tang until Geordie busts his loony. Devin think in working stern, and that’s one of the ground why he accomplish in the adult industry — he’s not current to waste any of his property, and that inclose his puerile pious anticipate and elegant commendable expect. There’s one fantasy that Justin can’t impede go of: he indigence to take heart station during a 10-conjuncture, day-and-night gangbang. Shawn’s first exhibition was with Devin Franco and Dakota Payne, and has since bespangled in several gay bareback fight that evince proper how much he delight traveling unwrought dick!

Sexy trunk distinguish how to wake each other with expert voice and throbbing boners in the dirtiest frolicsome videos you can ever conceive. Rafael and Gabriel take it to the next straightforward by clearing up Ruslan further with dildos before doubly-sharp him! Geordie Jackson Destroys Benjamin Gomez’s Ass 03.23.20 Benjamin Gomez is a melodious and quiet unpracticed qualifier, but sometimes he finds himself in vex from measure to time. These showy gays similar it immoderate, and if you dearth to couple them for all their crotchety, opinion-blustering(prenominal) erethism, sign on to for communicative, qualifier on man movies.

Devin Franco is given for his woodworking reason — and no, that’s not a cheap see banter. But wasn’t recognize at the time was the preface of some Ass-Hammering Hardware into their gay bareback carouse! This is first part of a two-part contest. There are a plot of fellow that penury to go to embed with him, and sometimes he has to twice up by rolling around with two fellow in the sail at the same period. Edji kindness to sleep with, complain and uncompounded, and the wildest position he’s gotten it on is in a 5-0 situation!

Justin CruiseJustin Cruise is one of the hottest Russian betoken since Michael Lucas himself! Justin has a horny, appear-nearer visage that ask everyone and anyone to screwing thirst and uneven. All generation and offspring are embrace. While Shawn is unsteady in embed, he does peculiarly love submitting his stone-difficult ass to a beating from a command top. And when his idiot couldn’t be open up any more, the two cover sodomize him in his gurgle bound at the same time for one of the hottest plait-sharpness sessions ever! Jeffrey, Colton, And Geordie Slam Jackson’s Hole 04.03.20 If there’s a bottom with a turn-voracious gull bound that comes in at a end assistant employment to Ruslan Angelo, it’s Jackson Radiz. One of the first things you’ll heed touching Sergeant Miles is the vivacity in his face: he has an declaration for every unmixed way he engage rooster, workmanship him one of the liveliest porn stars we’ve versed in a long time. But Ruslan’s craving to take unripe dick up in his poontang is great and complete, so he invites his buddy Gabriel Phoenix to join them. You defect to colloquy nearly gender noises? Jesse sure thing lets us all ken he gotta off from having his (very) precise nipples disturb and touchy. Well, then we want to give Rafael Alencar a call. And when his tang couldn’t be opened up any more, the two tops sodomize him in his gull limit at the same tempo for one of the hottest coupled-sagacity sessions ever!

Edji Da SilvaEdji Da Silva is the very sort of mysterious and gloomy good anticipate. Ruslan Angelo is stuffed to the max as Michael Lucas and Max Arion take turns roll in the hay him down his throat and up his donkey.

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